Were you aware of V2k??? Here is a links to patents as evidence of the fact that this technology exists :

I will also add a link to a page of an inventor of this Technology, Dr, Robert Duncan (MIT , HARVARD he worked for a lotta alphabet soup orgs- DOD, CIA,NATO, DARPA, NAVY…) who became a whistleblower and is now targeted ( T.I’s targeted individuals is the term being used for such targets of this tech/weapons ) by the very technology and weapons He invented. Ill put another link to a MIT presentation in which he speaks exstensively of these Neurological weapons:

Questions??? Lets first state this: after all wars there are gunslingers. I say this with out judgement of the gunslinger – its simply to state the fact to shine a light on the reality that these silent weapons are being used. A man learns to use a tool, such as a gun, to make a living. Some legally some illegally. A weapon used in Iraq was a weapon called “the voice of god” [Dr Duncan explains the weapon thoroughly in interview since He was one of the inventors] It is a use of frequency and or of microwaves. They can be focused on 1 individual in a crowd or sleepin in their bed and the wave reverberates within the skull so that only the targeted individual hears voice or auditory harrasment. It can be used on multiple people as well. In Iraq soldiers were on a hill 100 meters away from the”enemy” and they used the V2K or”voice of god” weapon – the message was: ” this is Alla put down your guns and run home. ” Which they did…. So What does that have to do with Americans. As Dr, Duncan states in the title of his presentation: Americans are being targeted. Now the gunslingers are coming home with different tools to make a living with Neurological weapons. Think of the implications. A person can be sitting in the privacy of their home and if targeted the” V2k voice of god” weapon can be used against them. They may think they are going mad, Schizophrenic. They may be religious and think God is speaking to them. Or the Devil. Or their great grandma who is speaking to them from the grave. They can be told it is the military asking them to do service for their country or it is the President when in reality it is a foreign intelligence agency or military contractor or mercenary targeting and harrassing them. Its been suggested local branches of infragaurd or citizen corp and fusion centers have the capability but who know who or what group in a particular area is running the local surveillance team. It may be in an area where the Isreali Massad is the local infragaurd without any checks and balances under the cloak of homeland security. I am not saying this is so it is a strong possibility. I support seperation of church and state and respect all religions so this is not anti semitism at all. It could be a Palestinian intelligence group or any other dual citizen community which control there local area through Homeland security citizen corp or infragaurd . It seems in the climate of Pre-emtive strike, Bethlehem Doctrine surveillance culture We have been dosed with bye Isreali and their relationship with Palestine. Also the oaths being coerced on people about not speaking about the apparent apartheid in the Gaza at the hand of Israel that is being hidden from the mainstream media and the world. Sends up a lot of warning flags and is simply UnAmerican and UnConstitutional. Now this is not about Jewish people or Juhdaism it is about a power structure a foriegn Nation with their own intelligence apparatus that has manned the levers within our own government and their principles do not align with the declaration of independence and our principles of freedom protected and expressed in our Constitution being dismanteled bye these very same foreign Nationals who are out of line and covering their tracks or simply exerting power and eliminating any opposition. Now it may not be Israel it may be the international corporations/ Wallstreet. Or not or all of them. We can’t say because it is all covert in this new UnAmerican Homeland security surveillance state with out checks and balances or any transparancy . But the Facts are above: the weapons exist and they are being used against Americans. Don’t take my word for it look at the facts I shared with you in the links. This is happening. Can you handle the truth???

* Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC was the principal Legal Adviser of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office from May 2006 to May 2011. Following his tenure at the FCO, he returned to practice at the London bar and is Director of Legal Policy International Ltd. and Consulting Senior Fellow for Law and Strategy at the London-based Inter- national Institute for Strategic Studies. 1 For a public statement of the position as it came to be in the second term of the Bush administration, see the remarks by John B. Bellinger III, the then Department of State legal adviser, at the London School of Economics: Legal Issues in the War on Terrorism (Oct. 31, 2006), at 20061031_JohnBellinger.pdf. 2 Harold Hongju Koh, Legal Adviser, U.S. Dep’t of State, Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the American Soci- ety of International Law: The Obama Administration and International Law (Mar. 25, 2010), at http://www.state. gov/s/l/releases/remarks/139119.htm. 3 JohnO.Brennan,AssistanttothePresidentforHomelandSecurityandCounterterrorism,RemarksattheHar- vard Law School Program on Law and Security: Strengthening Our Security by Adhering to Our Values and Laws (Sept. 16, 2011), at 1

This is the begining of PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION and the begining of a UNConstitutional re-writing or rather the implementation of an “pre emptive enforcement Alliance” under the umbrella of homeland security that places think tanks and multi juridictional tri-state round table be fore We The People and the semblence of a checks and balanced of the people government derived from the Declaration if Independence and American Constitution… It goes against our basic principles – regarding freedom and Contitution. It continues to spread out like a disease into the seperation of powers and institutions as we witness the rolling out this authotitarian pre-emtive Global “HEALTH” governance in this handling of the “Corona Virus”