Just as business’s have their private business cameras linked in real time remotely on to their personal phones. If you are unaware of such; it is common practice for a private owner to have business surveillance cameras linked to their personal phone(s) home tv monitors or a livingroom T.V. If you have not looked up lately there is surveillance fiber optics cables & cameras ever where you look. That is not taking into consideration the satellite access to lenses that can count the hairs on your head or sticking out your ears.

In Staten Island ( I’ll put link to the video below ) an example of contact tracing prior to covid 19 in the use of the SAR app in which CERT local members can trace every volunteer on Staten Island ( N.Y) in real time on their personal monitors –

FACT or FICTION ??? U.S hospital’s homeland security “volunteer” private public partners, the Israeli Cyber Security industry/8200, also local infragaurd , CERT and citizen corp, have or are contact tracing Staten Island citizens that are unaware they are being contact traced. If this be so – they are not simply contact tracing these American civilian “targets from the volunteer public trailers or the hospital private partner cyber security offices- the alleged treasonous act is: these traitors ( if this be so ) have homeland securities private partners access to the public suveillance grid and they have hacked the system or simply put in splitters that give them 24/7 video access to these public cameras that are linked to these unaware contact traced American civilians and they are committing this crime from the comfort of their own homes. The couches in their living rooms or their private entertainment centers in their homes. Rumor has it they are having surveillance and target parties, with their friends. Whether this be Israeli Cyber security teams off shore via the U.S hospital and homeland security public private partnerships or local infragaurd or simply local private business that have a homeland security partnership it is alleged shared access to real time video, is common, with those in their social network via digital links; as is done in Israel ( targeting of Palestinians and dissenters ( allegedly) is common and part of their social life) So it is suggested American civilians are being tagged and traced like deer and private citizens are watching them on their living room t.v’s. and personal phones. This gets worse because ,allegedly, the targets are being attacked by DEW (directed energy weapons) and Neuroweapons . If you are unaware of Neuroweapons I will put a link below to Dr James Giordano’s lecture at West Point. The offensive defense of neuroweapons and cyber security . Dr James Giordano, a professional and leader in the field of Neuroscience and ethics, talks about the strategic terror tactic termed WMDsquared ( weapons of mass destruction and disruption ) This tactic is intended to disrupt a targets life so they cannot act in a way counter to perps goal or Quest. Here, today in America that IS the exercise of freedom of speech and the attempt to exercise the right to assemble & to address a grievance. How ??? by terrorizing them as they sleep in their beds. Terrorize their every moment with DEW & Neurowepons via a 24/7 Homeland Security surveillance system. TERRORISM. This is all true and documented. WHAT the QUESTION is? FACT or FICTION ??? ARE Staten Islanders watching this terrorism or “disruption in their living rooms on their phones in their Rec rooms and sharing it within their “friends” accessories , Domestic Terrorists, through the public private partnership link of homeland security. Like a social media snuff film??? To further this assault on the Constitution of These United States and the Declaration of Independence, a further crime, is seen in the pursuit to legalize “terrorism” through normalizing it “new normal” through collegiate accreditation and career path via Great Britain pension and class system. St Josephs by the Sea of Staten Island, a prepatory highschool, is offering Neuroscience programs along with robotics & all across the country colleges are offering Cyber Security degrees and these people haven’t a F’;n clue what they are doing or getting into – or worse they do…

…Accreditation-Accreditation is a third-party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks. An authoritative body that performs accreditation is called an ‘accreditation body’.Wikipedia

The great push today are these traitors creating DOMESTIC TERRORIST’s of those who defend themselves from this ACTUAL terrorism and those who will stand for their inalienable rights and freedom stand for These United States – actual heroes and patriots as these traitors embrace the “ESSENTIAL” comfort of servitude offered by the Crown company and the old British order locking down and subjugating the word via a SARS virus covid 19…

Also a pattern is emerging : Israel and British far right zionist terrorize people in secrecy until they lash out or retaliate in which the Israeli Brits and far right zionist have cameras ready and hold press conferences as they claim they are being attacked… The War on Terror abroad to keep it over their is now hear on our shore “DOMESTIC TERRORISM”. They did it…


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