FREE MONEY??? FREE ezpass FREE mta card????

DISCLAIMER: ( I have nothing against Americans that have jobs working for the mta or any civil servant type jobs – this is about NY NJ (TPP) (WHO CDC) type alliances that create unelected round table “authority” and write their own building codes and such and get around our constitutional checks and balances like the port authority, also the policy makers & GLOBAL bankers & corporations)

Just as NYC mta employees get a free life time metro cards as port authority TBTA workers get free life time ez passes – in our digital credit card phone app world will the GLOBALISTS get a FREE WORLD or GLOBAL ez pass??? No $ money to be exchanged- just swipe a card or a phone app or the CETIFICATE OF VACCINE ID chip. Akin to We the People driving through the Verrizano bridge as sub-contracted camera/tech scan their ez pass and send you We the People a bill. Globalists can walk ,travel GLOBALLY with the Global ez pass in their wallet and some get a free ride and We the People don’t – but you will never know who has” IT”. Like the Covid contact tracker it is a dual technology and can be used as Deborah Brix suggests but it’s actual or primary clandestine intent is for control and leverage by the few that control the tech and actually knows how this GLOBAL tech works. A technocratic system – a Global tracker to surviell the FREE travel swipe of the GLOBALIST ez pass while restricting or segregating the movement of the RABBLE. The Globalist ez pass good for meals, trains, planes, ballgames, concerts, carriage rides in the park a new blazer for the evening stroll. Does this seem a stretch. Well the Federal Reserve has not backed our $$$ cash with Gold for a long time now. Most transactions are no more than emails. Who’s to say the GLOBAL corporate card is not a GLOBAL ELITE EBT FREE MEDIAL FREE DENTAL BAIL OUT CARD, FOOD STAMP CARD FOR THE OAK ROOM- just 1st class???


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