When asked to describe Fascism Benito Mussolini* replied” It is the merger between government and the corporation . So that brings us to today. Homeland security and its government and private sector “partnerships” * ( I will put links to sites below. ) So if Homeland security is a National Intelligence agency. Which has a “National security” standing in which the public is not privy to operations (intel) and put on a need to know basis- basically they do not honor any of our principles of checks and balances [ the foundational structure of our country] So the way it works is the fusion centers are the middle managers that handle the local homeland security compartments. Infragaurd, Citizen Corp local police, FDNY, EMS, and their “PRIVATE” PARTNERS. Who are the “private partners”. Lets use Staten Island as a hypothetical example: Northwell hospital is a huge economic hub of the Staten Island economy , what if they were one of these “partners”??? A lot of conflict of interest. Heres an issue that brings Foreign nation ( perhaps intelligence agencies like Massad) into our supposed “Homeland security” branch; that is simply counter intuitive. Northwell Health has signed an agreement with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to collaborate on the development, validation and implementation of medical innovations that advance patient care.Jul 24, 2017. So it is not only a partnership with an American company but a foreign company and that Nation is now part of Homeland security and has more information of what is going on with your tax paid government agency than you an American citizen. I’ll give you another example Allied Universal is a security subcontractor company that works at NYC Staten Island Ferry * . We have NYPD there DOT another security subcontractor MCU ( do we really need all this “security” for a ferry ride???) – a lot of tax payer dollars ( written debt annually) but what becomes alarming is these companies that are Homeland security government “partners” may have allegiances abroad at their own homeland that does not stand with ours; Americas”??? What if the corporation is a Global player and doesn’t have the best interests of America in mind??? What if an Afghani or English corporation is a “partner” that puts their countries interests before ours; or Israeli corporation(s) that are more interested in their new Cyber pre emptive security – pre crime markets, their people and Nation/ homeland and don’t care about the United States Constitution or our people or our principles of Freedom. Henry Kissinger once said that America does not have friend only interests. He is a major Global player and I suggest you listen to his words and that Israel is more interested in Israel and not the American constitution or your freedom. Same goes for Afghanistan, England any foreign Nation. That is not a condemnation of Israel or these other nations it is the fact that it is most likely they are putting themselves and their nation(s) first. You are the one that needs to wake the F… up if you do not realize this yet. Homeland Security IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and they are robbing you blind through taxes and probably buying the country out from under US YOU with our YOUR own tax dollars…





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