…it is being suggested that the “VACCINE” is actually a Biometric ID and Neural Link primer. In which the government will track and trace each and every human being given this “shot” “vaccine’ surveilled and monitored 24 / 7 with out there knowledge or consent. A crime against humanity. This con job of a “vaccine” will link each human being to a data base where the person will not only be track and traced but may physically and mentally be engaged with “DISRUPTED” according to their behavior; according to the standard set by these NEW NORMAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES. It seems this is taking place in WUHAN CHINA already. Sound far fethced ??? I’ll put link to Dr James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future in which he tells the West Point cadets the tactics in which they are doing this already (W.M.D.squared, weapons of mass destruction and disruption) “DISRUPTION” they will give the populace the “shot” “vaccination” and be able to link up to each of these unsuspecting human beings like a cell phone. They will be able to speak directly into the person’s skull and torture the target in order to change the targets “behavior” – scare them straight – talk and terrorize them into compliance a type of NEW NORMAL Behavior Health TREATMENT. Sound like Coo Coo Bird talk I’ll put a link to PROOF, FACTS, Dr Robert Duncan Full MIT Presentation on Neuroweapons used on American Civilians, Ill leave it on the time line of the long presentation where they speak upon V2K (voice to skull) they also call it THE VOICE OF GOD WEAPON. It is being suggested Homeland Security Infragaurd, Citizen corp and CERT ( ex. TRACK AND TRACE IN STATEN ISLAND) work with its public private partners. When one understands Israeli Cyber Security Industry has offered its services ( for free to every hospital in These United States ) it becomes clear WHY and HOW as z dots come together in a visage as to why this “vaccine is an experimental biotech agent being pushed on the WORLDS POPULATION & HERE IN THESE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. It has been tested in Wuhan China and has been used on unsuspecting Americans. Also Jose Delgado is a man who’s research one should be aware of; heres a link to a video in which Jose Delgado shows the initial testing, R&D, of this modern version of his scientific work- His work is on a bull … The Covid 19 work is on YOU… Coo Coo Bird Talk ??? … I think NOT …

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