How can We say the the economy is good, now, or doing better now, while “our” party is in office, better than when “He” was in office – if We the People are in over 22 Trillion dollars of debt???

How can We the People “BAIL OUT” LOSERS OF CAPITALIST INDUSTRY- ISN’T IT ABOUT COMPETITION??? ( between the competitors of the fields they are in – their business practices, Industries they run) OR “BAIL OUT” FAILING BIG BUSINESS’S by putting America’s children into debt. Is it part of this new Pre-emptive radical movement that can take away your rights NOW to secure anothers health, wealth from an invisible threat that MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN LATER??? IS THIS THE WAR ON FREEDOM (putting your children in debt- a type of wage slavery or Indentured servitude before they are out of the womb) to secure some ones failing business. Or perhaps protect the beneficiaries of these Pre-emptive measures “BAIL OUTS” and the pullers of these new levers of subjugation feel secure and safe incase an invisible sickness or an invisible threat such as the principles of the Declaration of Independence should act VIGILANLY AGAINST THIS ATTACK ON FREEDOM – the invisible threat of American’s who will fight for their Inalienable rights as our Declaration of Independence States; stand for the American Constitution during fraudulent executive order(s). Is Freedom the global invisible threat???? Is the actual invisible threat Americans exercising their inalienable rights??? Are Americans protecting OUR United States constitutional the new Domestic terrorist??? Our principles of FREEDOM the invisible threat ??? ARE OUR PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM THE ACTUAL VIRUS THE GLOBALIST WANT TO ERADICATE FOR THEIR SAFETY AND SECURITY TO DO WRONG TO FAIL WITH OUT CONSEQUENCE OF THEIR OWN DISREGARDED PRINCIPLES ( BAIL OUTS DO NOT ADHERE TO THE SUPPOSITION OF THE RULES OF CORPORATE COMPETITION , SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST???

How can civil servants talk out against socialism??? The buildings they work in are owned by the government. The trucks and cars they drive at work for work are owned by the government. Their paychecks ,pensions, health care are all payed bye the government and when we say owned by the government or payed by the government We mean paid and owned by the taxpayer. That is a socialistic program. How can these people rationally knock or talk out against socialism when their whole career is a socialist derived program???

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