Questions to all the electricians out there: in NY & anywhere (which is everywhere) they are throwing up fiber optic cable and electrical lines on telephone poles and tying the ends in loops like it was an unfinished back yard. In some places so loosely they look like christmas lights. I see at some point line is run to what appears to be a hap hazard ground like a park fence . Is all this electric being ground properly??? If not what can be the negative outcome??? Also, in our new era of Homeland security government private partnership are these international companies rigging our surveillance state outside any semblance of checks and balances. Are all the subcontractors working on our infrastructure, these communication lines [Israeli cyber security units corporation or Saudi tech companies] getting Homeland security intelligence clearance; as you pay their bloated salaries so they cay watch your wife and daughters get in and out of the shower with cyber surveillance- for your “security” and “protection”??? These are just questions not accusations. Though it is a fact that even the NYPD’S intelligence has this technological capabilities. I saw it first on NY 1 Errol Louis and 2 NY police {intel} detectives discussed the the morality of military tech that can see through walls. Check out the archives. Can this (city, state, nation wide electrical grid ) be dangerous if not grounded properly and electrocute citizens. Could a few bad apples use it [ as the military uses DEW directed energy weapons] to target people in their homes with electrical arks. Roger Tulces (an electric expert – debugging specialist) has spoke about a case he had in which a property owner ( a co op ) wanted his neighbors co op ,to expand his own, so he used a Tesla coil to electrocute the neighbor from the other co op. The target found out what was happening by seeing the ark shooting across his ceiling and called to show and hire Tulces. Could a few bad apples sitting in their private racoon lodges , with ratheon type laptops have access to Homeland security clearance through this government/ private partnership & target Americans at their leisure, for their own interests, in the same manner since it isn’t grounded properly???

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