Have you heard of cyber torture, electronic harassment. It a new form of terrorism and it is here on our shores, American civilians being targeted bye Global tech companies and perhaps foreign nations. Getting access to our infrastructure through Homeland Security and government / private sector partnerships. Have We sacrificed American lives, spent trillions of dollars in so creating tax payer debt a crime a robbery of your children and grand children who are given this burden. Debt created and spent on a 19 year war to keep terrorism over there and not over here on our shores of The United States of America; have We done all this to have Americans terrorized in their own homes. Here’s a link to a lecture at The United State West Point Military Academy. New York and perhaps Staten Island may be the epicenter of this treason due to the Wall street military industrial complex / governmental partnerships and security that existed prior to 911 and has only expanded through Homeland security and “The War on Terror” Big government. Many of these government / private partnerships grew into industry and physically moved to Staten Island after the events of 911 and simply have expanded branched into the / health industry pre-emptive securities as well as homeland security branches within the police department, fire department, any agency that can tap into a fiber optic line is suspect to these, bad apple, terrorist activities. The system is flawed because it is /unconstitutional and it operates from principles that do not align with our Declaration of Independence or Constitution. So this is not an attack on the people who are working with in this system it is a condemnation on this patriot act Homeland security system because it has been set up to fail. It has been set up to rip out our foundational principles and destroy our great nation from with in. Other sources of info are in cyber torture link: America is not our economy. The economy is meant to be a healthy component of our society. The Declaration of Independence, its principles, the Constitution IS the United States. The economy and health care system and all the other “works” are in service to this. Not the other way around – America was not established to be in service the subjects of a Global economy or corporation. A hostile corporate take over of America has been underway for 40 years ( if not longer) by Global corporations and they have bribed us with honey pots and pensions to divide us against each other and have American surrendering their inalienable rights. It is now flanking us with a new unconstitutional Health care Authority. Dr’s are not a priest hood are not royalty they are people who went to school to learn about the human body and treat them they get paid well for their services and are not societal leaders ( perhaps men of character who happen to be Drs are leaders but a degree alone does not make a leader) and their degree gives them zero, no Authority over any American or any human’s inalienable rights endowed by the creator ( understanding the principle of the separation of church and state )

click Cybertorture for link to this evidence
here’s a lecture in this technology at West Point Military Academy

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