What is more detrimental to These United States ??? … What is more detrimental to We the People and the economy; an economy intended to serve us ??? … People working for cash – one American who freely gives a tip to another … an American who freely pays their OWN cash outright to another with out the governments involvement or permission or hand in their pocket – in real time – or is a homeland security governmental agency detrimental to These United States and We the People, at a time when These United States and We the People are in 28 trillion dollars of debt and the Homeland Security budget for 2021 is 60 Billion dollars. 60 Billion dollars America does not have in the coffers or the bank to spend. 60 billion dollars for just one year. The people of America their children and grandchildren are being put in debt to pay for pensions and health plans paid holidays SALARIES for glorified security guards that are hired to prevent something that may happen in the future ( hell of a conjob). Creating 60 Billion dollars of debt for jobs that CREATE NOTHING BUT DEBT. Create zero revenue. Actually pay people to sit around in cars and trucks and helicopters and cyber security racoon lodges all as they are taxing America to death and making your children and grandchildren into debt slaves. Remember We the People have the best police and military in the world We the People do not need glorified Pre emptive action security guards and dual nation alliance military Executive Order management. I think the off the books roofer or tip earning bartender contribute more to America and the economy. Normally every dollar they make goes into their local economy. Some send money home to families in other nations but they are not the people taking your tax dollars. Then one may say ‘well they are not paying for their health care and taxpayers are paying for medicaid not these cash earners”. Well then Id say it is not the roofer or bartender taking your money it is the IRS the Government taking money directly out of your salary checks putting you and your children into debt slavery. How so ??? … They take your earnings as tax give that created debt to banks who hold the money for the insurance companies (gov/private partners at it again ) the insurance company/government agency gives the welfare recipient a plastic credit card medicare card no money simply a card. The banks take their money off the top and then when the person holding this plastic card goes to the hospital they don’t have your money they simply have a plastic card. The bank then gives your debt money to the hospital to pay for services rendered ( at inflated rates ) who also take your money to pays their staff after they take their piece off the top . So really, the undocumented worker or outsider never touches your money. But more importantly the IRS or Government is putting single Mothers and children into tax debt so people security guards can sit in and drive around in government vehicles ( you pay the gas bill ) acting busy until they park the car in the government building in which the tax payer is paying con ed and the other utilities. All this money to prevent something that may or may not happen in the future. But have no fear homeland security will steal more of your earning through taxes to create a P.R campaign in which they will scare the be jesus out of people to keep them in a guise og ligitimacy; all on the tax payer dime. So unlike the Americans making an exchange of value without the governments interaction, all Homeland security jobs to prevent something that may happen in the future are destroying These United states of America and their tax debt pension and health plans an P.R campaigns to turn American children into automatons and cowards on respirators and prescribed thoughts and belief systems. Not to mention the Bethlehem doctrine derived pre emptive action strategy is UNCONSTITUTIONAL … any act that is an attack on inalienable rights is an act of War and Treason if from with in the government. Homeland security is at its roots TREASONOUS. That is why it is liquidating America. It is a “soft’ war tactic. Outsourced to Israel and friends or alliances of interest … ??? …

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