Are P.R protest campaigns being started so people can get behind the team and slogan with such determination and loyalty the principles behind it can be changed during the cheering or shouting supporting the team to and extant that even when the team is clearly dishonoring their own principles it is not addressed because it becomes more important to support the team than admit missteps. BLM, from my limited opinion is being used as a red herring. I’ll address Back the blue and how We are being set up. The United States is acting from Rules (covid 19) that are of an authority not derived from our constitution. The problem arises that once an UNCONSTITUTIONAL vaccine mandate is ordered in the U. S. Americans will fight it. It is unconstitutional and it is an American duty and right of self defense and the defense of their fellow Americans Constitutional rights to stand and fight against such. So the police will be given orders to fight this stand; orders that go against the founding principles and our constitution to enforce these rules.. A rule of law of an authority assumed through global corporate coercion and not of the people by the people’s government. So if men take the streets to fight this attack on America it will be police taking orders from a misplaced power that fight it. So they are banging the drum for back the blue. Perhaps Americans will see their responsibility to the principles of Freedom and the Constitution Principles our foreFathers risked all for and men died for. KNOW REMEMBER you have inalienable rights endowed bye the creator you are an American before you put any uniform on. So the back the blue drum is being banged for the Black lives blue lives matter and “Essential Worker Hero “movement but it is a set up for what is coming. We will be forced to face off against each other; men doing a job for a paycheck and pension and Americans fighting for this country which is the Constitution derived from The Declaration of Independence; which IS THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Where will you be standing. I hope We will be standing together taking back our basic freedoms, our country, from globalists that have our country mesmerized and leveraged to the hilt. If We all stop complying it will fall like a house of cards. The principles of our constitution are of natural law, our principles of Freedom are immutable, always there, We just seem to forget because We are so busy with…… They are pulling a power move to create a new authority outside our government of checks and balances in which they will usher in a new pre emptive “health” markets industry driven by advanced bio tech and cyber security systems. The health tracing is a front for total surveillance to actual behavior modification. If you think this sounds crazy look up PROJECT VCTR, DARPA and bio tech- HAARP BIO TECH NEURO TECHNOLOGY – NEUROWEAPONS DR ROBERT DUNCAN – LOOK UP NETANYAHU ADRESS IREALI BUSINESS COMMUNITY ON ISRAELI ‘S POSITION IN CYBER SECURITY- ALSO LOOK UP TECHNOCRACY- Also the issue isn’t about defunding the police that is another smoke screen a red herring to take us off the sent of all the money being invested in the UNCONSTITUTIONAL cyber security being invested in the surveillance pre-emptive police department budgets. I have many friends that I love that are and have been NYPD – that doesn’t mean I back the blue blindly – I do not follow the party line blindly- I think for myself as a Free American. Inalienable rights endowed bye the creator ( understanding the separation of church and state )

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