If the Health Authority, the CDC, the WHO, DR Fauci, Bill Gates and the Global medical community creates a scientific finding that: normal sexual relations is a necessity to well being, health and normal behavior: If an individual does not have a “normal” sex life than this will have an ill affect on the person’s “health”, “mental health” and behavioral Health. Not having a normal sex life is unhealthy for an individual. This leads to instability in an individuals behavioural health and mental health. This is a risk to the community. So if your boss or Dr has gone through a divorce and is not having regular sex. In so is denied a normal sex life. This crisis is unhealthy, unsafe for him and the community. So for the safety of the Dr and your Boss and to Heroically pre emptively address this crisis it is mandatory for you to sexually please your Boss or Dr. Simply for his Health and the Safety of the Community. It is “ESSENTIAL” that this leader be in a healthy state of mind and health and since he is the Authority and leader of the “ESSENTIAL” worker class. Depending on the Dr or Boss’s sexual preference you and you wife and children (over 18 yrs. ) will do service in keeping our leaders healthy safe and healthy. Depending on the sexual action you may have to temporarily take off your mask and un social distance. This will only take place during company hours – so you will get paid ( according to your normal hourly salary ) for your time since you will not be at your station or post. Any sexual services rendered off the clock is not the responsibility of human resources and you will not be on the clock or paid . That will be designated as your private time. Though a complete report will be expected at your covid 19 biometric registration and STD testing. All Dr’s and Boss’s are free of any liability regarding information shared with Homeland security and The Global Health Authority. All fusion centers will maintain a confidentiality regarding all Drs and Bosses and unnamed fornicators of the Order as a matter National Health Security. May Safety and health be on your mind and blessed be your behaviour as always to be measured and judged by our cyber love and approval.

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