Neuroweapons are a fact.

Dr James Giordano, in the two videos below, is an expert in Neuro ethics. He tells his students “if you think of the brain sciences think of the 3 AAA’s : 1. access; the ability to access the brain 2. Assess, the ability to assess the brain. 3. Affect, … “affecting” the brain is sort of a politically correct way of saying : to control and manipulate the brain.” He also goes on to speak , in the interview below, about this neuroscience’s built in partnership with with law enforcement ( his pitch at least). So this is all about Pre-emptive markets and they are doing it already or as Dr Giordano sais “it is in play already.” They are justifying this invasion ,rape, of the human biometric code, the human neurological body already- it is being eased normalized through these Covid mandates in which Health authorities are created (unconstitutionally) assuming an authority over the human body and an illigitimate ruling that states they can make assessments in which they can take away an individuals right to “order” them to do or not do something regarding their own body and travel to protect or secure the collective in the future. The next step publicly is the justification to do this type of neuro cyber surveillance ( unconstitutional) remote surveillance into any human brain through all these 5G devices on you neighbors roof and cell phone towers by a guy behind a monitor with a joystick ( these are facts look at videos below) These are crimes against humanity. Israel is already calling out Iran and Hamas for cyber attacks on their county. Unfortunately fingers are being pointed at Israel for doing this type of cyber rendition in the United States (cyber-torture its has been termed) . If you are unaware of rendition – it was/is when an intelligence group would kidnap a target and take them into another country for interrogation to get around torture laws. With this new type of rendition with neuro technology they can heterodyn/ interrogate an American civilian from behind a monitor and joy stick from a cyber security firm office hypothically in Israel; doing so by justifying it as their national security(hypothetical example- if someone be known to question Israel) and We can do the same and back and forth. Though with todays Homeland security government private partnerships that hypothetical cyber security firm in Israel may be a part of that Homeland security partnership we mentioned earlier and actually be getting paid with American tax dollars. The big Question is what if this technology is being used against the American public today to create the chaos we find ourselves in today. So that these global cyber security firms can come in with a very costly and UNCONSTITUTIONAL new solution to our divisional, criminal , now economic problem. A problem created by the very same people offering the solution. Our country may be under attack bye these forces and they aren’t in desert holes with AK 47’s they wear white coats, have lattes, beer and pizza in the office at lunch in designer clothing the weapons they are manning are key boards & lap tops digitally directing electromagnetic and neuroweapons.

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