Questions??? If a building has a security guard for their tenants can that security guard act as a police officer isn’t he or she breaking our law as he would be tresspassing against the Americans right ( whether the property owner is paying him a salary and offering benefits or not). Law and order to protect and serve is intended to be derived from Constitutional principles. You see We began “deputizing” security guards. This is not partisan it is in regards to the Declaration of Independence and Our Constitution which is simply a map of how We the People were meant to protect our principles of FREEDOM Declared in the Declaration of Independence – from MISPLACED AUTHORITY assumed bye governmental servants – espescially the misplaced authority of PRIVATE international allied businesses assuming the role of the public servants who were intended to protect and serve the Constitution and the people of The United States of America not the interests of Global market makers and telecom companies and the like. Or even misplaced power of utilities of travel and commerce such as the MTA & PORT AUTHORITY that deputize security guards to assume authority over American rights so they can occupy and monetize public land and spaces. Here is the oath:

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed …

I share with you observations how national and GLOBAL corporation have been slowly and perhaps slightly have and are climatizing US and lobbying and writing legislation that illegitimatley places authority of their security guards over your inalienable rights. 1. In Staten Island, NY there is a SHOPWRIGHT type suppermarket franchise. On the corporate private property of its parking lot it painted lines as the public street has and hires a private security guard to direct traffic as a police officer would. Now this is nice for the elderly and the local folk who like the order and it is a good thing in that aspect – though it is handled in a repeated pattern that these National and Global corporations are using as a tactic of blurring lines of authority in WE THE PEOPLES PUBLIC COMMONS and the privately owned spaces- One example is the area in Staten Island called the Corporate Commons in Staten Island. You see during and after 9-11 Businesses moved to Staten Island. Lands were initially opened to the corporate community because of the “emergency” and aftermath of 9 -11. They are still building today. I t would be interesting to know how much of that land was payed for bye private $ and how much was given to these corporation bye We the People through this “HOMELAND SECURITY” type private public partnership alliance. Although there was a big military presence with Fort Wadsworth before 9-11 and it is clearly a hub of the “HOMELAND SECURITY” and intelligence community since it is across the river from the Wall Street economic center today and has been the beneficiary of Billions if not Trillions of tax payer dollars for “Pre-eemtive HOMELAND SECURITY”.

I encountered a problem embeding link to the staten Island corporate commons but when I typed it in THE CORPORATE PARK OF STATEN ISLAND came up. Now in the light of Citizens United MOVEMENT ( if you were not aware corporations did not always have the rights of We the People they were given the rights as at one time We allowed them charters so they were allowed to do business and such to own property through legislation – if Im correct- Ill put in link to a informative and well made documentary :

Do they call it a corporate park because it is a public park for (corporate) citizens [ that may open other questions of how a covid 19 type of pre-emptive surveillence can be used as a covert type segregation for these appropriated public spaces- this is speculation and questioning regarding our country commons??? I do not know this to be true- please look into it – the National and local parks have done this already in a manner in which these security officers are now called “enforcement”]

Another example years ago HOME DEPOT began to have “security guards” ask customers ( after they purchased items at counter and as they exited building) to stop and have security guard checK their receiPt and go through their items- Seems innocent but the slight is – he has no authority whatsoever to stop you or to look through your property – you own those items and your travel- The store owners invite you onto their property to do business unless the customer has done anything wrong they do not have the RIGHT , authority to search you or your belongings. One may ask one to do so and it is up to the person to – the security guard cannot tresspass against the man or woman. It is interesting that one of the investors in HOME DEPOT is Kenneth Langone ( heres a paste from wikipidia )

In the early 1960s, Langone began his career at a Wall Street financial services company named R.W. Pressprich, where he helped develop new business. In 1968 Langone met and persuadedRoss Perot to let Pressprich handle Electronic Data Systems‘s IPO. In 1969, Langone would be named Pressprich’s president.[5]

In 1974, Langone formed the venture capital firm Invemed.[6] Langone organized financing for Marcus and Blank to found Home Depot. Now a national chain with over 400,000 employees, it is Langone’s most notable business venture.[7]

Langone has been on the boards of Geeknet[8]General ElectricDatabase Technologies,[9]ChoicePoint Inc., Unifi, and Yum! Brands, Inc..[10]

Langone was chairman of the New York Stock Exchange‘s Compensation Committee from 1999 to 2003. In 2004, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer filed a lawsuit against the New York Stock Exchange’s former Chairman Richard Grasso to return $100 million to the NYSE that were part of his $139.5 million pay package.[11] The lawsuit named Langone who had approved the pay package. Langone denied that the pay packages were illegal considering that the NYSE had direct knowledge of the boards decision. On July 1, 2008, the New York State Court of Appealsdismissed all claims against Grasso because the NYSE had changed its status from a nonprofit to a for-profit organization, which meant that the Attorney General had lost standing to sue Grasso.[12]

In 2014, he likened populist appeals to raise taxes on the rich in the United States to Hitler’s rhetoric in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.[3][13]


In 2018 Langone pledged $100 million in funding towards a $450 million program to make tuition free for all medical students at the NYU School of Medicine[15]. Langone serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the NYU Langone Medical Center.[16][17]

He serves on the boards of The Ronald McDonald House of NY, CSIS, The Medal of Honor Foundation, and the Harlem Children’s Zone.[16][17][18][19]

He is a major donor to the Republican Party.[3]

The only reason I share this is because of the current climate in which Medical professionals and business community branches seem to be stepping on We the People rights for some time now and again it startly slowly and slightly. Making it mandatory for flu shots. They do not have the right regardless of what medical business legislators have writen into law it is a tresspass – if not a form of rape or coercion to stick a metal syringe into a human’s body and insert fluids from an unknown source in order to “PRE-EMPTIVELY” CONTROL some possible outcome. Now we are in a climate where hand picked “MEDICAL EXPERTS” are telling people where to stand and putting on masks in the public. Just to add to this the hospitals at an earlier time would “ALLOW” nurses to not accept flu vaccinations if “THEY WORE A MASK ON THE CLOCK ON THE HOSPITAL GROUNDS” now We the People are being told to comply to this in public. And it is being pushed to make this mandatory GLOBALLY. Do you see any patterns??? I do not know if this Gentlemen Kenneth Langone is a good or bad man that is not my concern the point of this is to see if there are patterns in the actions of these corporations and he is a player in these markets that seem to be tresspassing on our public spaces and as Bill Gates has made his influence noticeable and aside from any attacks on any personal attributes it is more important to see how these businessmen’s influence and practices may or may not be tresspassing on We the People inalienable rights endowed bye the creator. Also We must be aware of warning signs because the fact may be that these players in the Global corporate markets may have a power move in play to create an authority under the guise of “HEALTH PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION & security that underminds We The Peoples Constitution. Its is our first Amendment right and our responsibility to BE VIGILANT in protecting our PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM – THAT IS ESSENTIAL….

A point I forgot to mention was after hurricane Sandy ( another “crisis”) trailers were put on public streets to help aid those effected. Now they are still all over NY with electric and fiber optic cables running to and fro they have appropriated those public spaces. You know if one occupies a space long enough they claim ownership. Just another observation???

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