How about We just call out Bullshit??? A public official today (NYC) said their is NO WAY school will open up normally unless WE have a vaccine. Is there a scent in the air ya recognize. So if there are groups who’s interest are to change the education system into a remote learnimg technocratic training system say it. STOP THE BULLSHIT. If there are groups that do not want to pay for public schools or library out of their taxes STOP THE BULLSIT and stop blaming COVID. Many Experts, Drs Bullshit artists of Grandeur and Accreditation has said children have a small chance of being ill from covid and a slighter chance of dying. Teachers (if this wasn’t a bunch of bullshit) if healthy will be fine. Fatbastardos and those with secondary conditions may choose to stay home. Their is NO medical verification or validation that SOCIAL DISTANCING works. It was tested by a Highschool student. ( he may be a prodigy but as far as I know it was never peer reviewed. Can ya say Bullshit??? Bailouts due to Covid crisis BABABABULLSHIT. Figure out why yourself. The idea that an American can take an oath that denies him / her or their fellow American(s) any right(s) BUNCHA BULLSHIT. The idea that a politician can retroactively give Him or herself or a corporation(s) retroactive immunity for crimes or unconstitutional action again American – You guessed it BULLSHIT. The idea that an economy can be considered good or Great when a country is in over 22 TATATATRILLION dollars of debt and giving away BABABABILLIONS of dollars to mega corporations (debt) : can I getta BULLSHIIIT. The idea that an executive order can be used to take away an American right(s) in the present moment to secure some c*nts safety in the future BULLSHIT. The idea that our ass puppet politicions can call a pandemic and a crisis and think they are going to change foundational principles of freedom INALIENABLE RIGHTS FOR GLOBAL BULLSHIT FRONT PARTNERSHIPS RULE & ENFORCEMENT and change public institutions with out the vote of the American People TREASONOUS BULLSHIT….

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