FACT OR FICTION??? COVID 19’s management has been a con??? Initially We were addressed with a crisis an emergency a pandemic in which We should put aside our inalienable rights ( endowed by the creator) for the sake of addressing this serious situation that had come upon us. It was 1st suggested We all stay in & take suggested precautions and not spread this virus of ‘UNKNOWN” estimated catastrophic dangers “DEATHS”. So We did. Though NOW the language is NOT that of suggestion it is of a type of “AUTHORITY” not about saving lives but about “PRE-EMTIVE” action against a “very contagious virus”. They are “ALLOWING” We the People to——- (FILL IN THE BLANK) ———– (ALL THE ABOVE). IT is Not the place of our Public servants / Politicians to “ALLOW” us to do anything. If there was a crisis in which We the People put aside our INALIENABLE RIGHTS for our fellow Americans; an action in which We took heed of warning of our elected officials our leader(s) amongst equals – We the People. Than it would be a rational conclusion to return to normalcy. But the crisis has been manipulated – a fire started on your front lawn as you go out to see the fire a community leader is there to help you put it out unfortunately his GLOBAL partner(s) go in through the back door ( as you and the community leader put out fire ) & rob your house and change your locks. THIS NEW NORMAL is a RADICAL ACTION. We are changing foundational principles and creating an “AUTHORITARIAN” “PRE-EMTIVE” SURVEILLANCE STATE” & if YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND how this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR SHMART DEVICE & GO READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Buy yourself a hard copy you deserve it that buy and read the CONSTITUTION because it is a representation of YOU – We The People THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN. NEVER FORGET OUR FOREFATHERS & THE MEN WHO DIED SO THOSE MEN COULD DECLARE THEIR INDEPENDENCE FROM THE AUTHORITY OF THE BRITISH CROWN & EMPIRE AND PEN THE CONSTITUTION in which to protect & secure those rights. OUR RIGHTS. NOT TO ESTABLISH AN AUTHORITY. George Washington shunned the idea and offer to be King when it was suggested. WHY??? PLEASE READ THE DECLARATION AND ANSWER this YOURSELF. BECAUSE YOU ARE IT…. You embody the inalienable rights endowed by the creator. And notice the Source Data that all the covid estimates come from are from THE IMPERIAL COLLEGE of LONDON. The Global partner behind this military management of covid 19 is THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) Daniel Bethlehem who wrote the BETHLEHEM DOCTRIN that this “New Normal” of PRE-EMTIVE ACTION derives from was a legal advisor that worked for Netanyahu & Tony Blair. WHY THE F… are We The People following these Foreigners lead???

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