Did you think about the fact that although the government is putting 1200 $ in your bank account you or your grand children will be paying the debt that is being written bye the federal reserve so it is your $ money they have given back to you??? As the government gives 2 Billion to the MTA ( your debt and you still must pay your fair) also Billions to corporate “Bail outs ” (corporate welfare) that you and your grandchildren will pay??? This is not to make anyone feel bad about themselves but perhaps Mad as Hell about being Royaly F…ed. They are appeasing taxpayers after closing down their small business’s and jobs that do not pay into wall street pension or union pension plans. They are giving you your own money as they give Billions if not Trillions of dollars ( which is debt being written for your children and grandchildren to pay off the corporation will not) to international corporations. Have you thought that perhaps We The People are getting F…ed??? Have you gotten As Mad As Hell And Decided Not To Take It Anymore??? Talk to your friends and Neighbors Maybe they are too. Your pension plan is not worth your inalienable rights- the forefathers didn’t sacrifice it all so We The People could hand over the constitution for Monarchical/ Wallstreet/ bank of London structured pension plans.

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