Honestly ask yourself this question. I have no intention of hitting you below the belt but if that is your gut reaction listen to it. Look around America today? Why have We been at war for 20 years. For what have the children of American families the young adults volunteering for service sacrificed their lives for? Why did our forefathers sacrifice their lives to Declare their Our Independence & fight the British Monarchy. Was it for this??? What part are you playing in our current situation??? Are you simply going along to get along??? Is that why they made the ultimate sacrifice??? Is the vigilance called for in our constitution calling the covid police on your neighbor or is it understanding the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution so that you do not allow foreign interests or any other to trespass against your fellow Americans; and in so honoring your rights and know that the oaths taken by service men & women is / was to protect the United states Constitution and the people??? Is Essential a justification of going along to get along and compliance??? Are people complying because they are concerned with covid or because they will lose their livelyhood and not be able to feed and shelter their children if they do not comply, do not obey their orders??? Honestly???

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