Is it possible to make America great again and maintain Homeland security and the patriot act??? If We are honest we would admit that our country is in over 22 trillion dollars of debt. Every year all the tax revenue goes to pay interest on this debt to the private bankers who own the federal reserve. Every year we write more debt for budgets. None of your tax dollars go to any budget it pays interest. So is it fair to the children who have not stepped into kindergarden to pay Homeland security pensions and health care so that they can “prevent an invisible threat that may happen in the future “. America was great when cops were on the beat and if shit went down it was addressed. We had no problem protecting our country. Just because terrorist robbed 3 planes and killed 3000 people doesn’t mean we turn into frightened children and need someone on 24/7 security. But actually that isn’t it either. The war machine is profitable and after a while you can only manufacture so much bullshit to milk a war. So what better than to create invisible threats and make money on security to prevent things from happening in the future. The problem is It simply isn’t a good economic model in a supposed democracy derived from The Constitution of the United States of America. So before people start bitching about undocumented workers we need to look at all the money being spent on pre-emtive securities. BECAUSE WE the PEOPLE do not have the right to put our future generations in Debt slavery TO MAKE PAYROLL FOR GLORIFIED SECURITY GAURDS AND PAY THEIR PENSIONS TO PREVENT SHIT THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN. THATS LIFE IN THE BIG CITY. YOU WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN GET RID OF HOMELAND SECURITY- WHICH IS THE DEEP STATE – GET RID OF THE PATRIOT ACT- STOP ALL THE CYBER SECURITY AND GET ISRAEL AND BRITAIN AND ANY OTHER FOREIGN NATION OUT OF OUR GOVERNANCE AND FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC MILITARY AFFAIRS. NO NEED FOR A WAR ON TERROR – WE SIMPLY PROTECT OUR COUNTRY- – YOU WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN; ITS SIMPLE GET RID OF ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS – AND WE SIMPLY ACT FROM OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE PRINCIPLES DECLARED IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. RETURN TO NORMALCY- NO MORE BULLSHIT- MAYBE KICK OUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE WHILE WE’RE AT IT BUT ONE THING AT A TIME…

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